Monday, November 06, 2006

Scan report

Today we had our 20 week scan. It's also known as the 'anomaly scan' and I'm delighted to report that Mr Sonographer could find no anomalies. Everything is tickety-boo, as I believe the phrase goes.

Spine - yes
Arms - two
Hands - two (fists)
Legs - two
Feet - two
Head - one (phew!)
Brain - all present and correct
Kidneys, stomach, miscellaneous abdominal organs - check
Face - hiding
Sex bits - didn't want to know
Placenta - positioned nice and high.

(God knows how he could make all this out from what mostly looked to us like random blobs around all over the screen, but hey, that's what he went to college for.)

The heart was pumping away solidly, but because Flicker wasn't being especially co-operative (ie, lying face down as low as possible) he couldn't quite get a clear enough view of all four chambers to tick all the boxes, so we're going back next week for another go.

Mrs T is feeling much more energetic since the new dose of Thyroxine kicked in, and is now allowing herself to get excited about the whole thing. It is exciting, isn't it?


Heather said...

Great news! Isnt' it a total relief to hear that all is going well isn't it?

Don't let J hear that you felt Flickr, I'm at 31w and J still hasn't really felt her. She gets all quiet when I tell him to come over and feel. I think it's a game she's playing on him :)

Glad to hear Mrs. T is feeling better.

Treggles said...

I'm still not convinced I have, Heather.

whatthef*ck said...

great news! that must be a huge relief. time to really start enjoying! congratulations!