Friday, November 03, 2006

Meet the family

When we first announced Mrs T was pregnant, a friend asked whether our cats were being clingy. At the time we hadn't noticed any changes, but a couple of months on we most certainly have.

We have two cats, sisters from the same litter, who were eleven years old in the summer. As kittens they loved each other and spend a lot of time together, but when we moved to our present home they each took their own territory and don't tend to like each other's company very much (unless they're ganging up against another cat in the garden). The both love Mrs T and like to be with her, but usually if one's in the room the other will tend not to come in. For the last few weeks, however, they have both been desperate to be her favourite. They will fight for the privilege of sitting on her lap and are now often to be seen sitting either side of her, even vaguely tolerating the other being so close, although always on the look-out for the opportunity to get even closer. In other words, yes: they have become the most hopelessly clingy cats in the world.

One thing they've never liked is children; quite what they'll make of Flicker we have no idea.

In other news, Mrs T told me tonight that she felt Flicker moving for the first time yesterday, and again today. Go Flicker!

And yet more "other news": I finally got around to contacting our IVF clinic today to let them know we wouldn't be needing their services after all. (We were booked in for an cycle in January.)


sillyhummingbird said...

First of all, congrats on the halfway mark! It is certainly a milestone on the long pregnancy journey.

Secondly, if Fudge and Bounty are anything like my two feline companions, tell Mrs. T she is in for an interesting ride. My cats also don't love each other's company and are quite content in believing they each individually rule the household. However, with both pregnancies, they would attempt to sit on me at every turn. Truthfully. To the point of following me into the loo or waiting outside of the shower. It was difficult to steal a minute away. I would like to say they've relaxed, but they seem to be competing for my attention still. And my old-timer who doesn't like children--well, he still doesn't. He stays clear of all things Declan. And I have to say, the guilt of trying to share the love amongst a dog, two cats, a baby and a husband is a challenge sometimes!

Alli said...

Oh, the kitties are so cute! They'll get used to Flicker, I'm sure.

Congrats on Mrs. T feeling the baby moving! That is such a wonderful time - it's just amazing what a miracle this process is. Truly. You'll be feeling the baby moving yourself in no time! :)

kate said...

cute kitties! And go Flicker! Move move move!

Heather said...

Love the cat pictures!
J and I have a few theories on why the cats have decided that my lap is THE lap to be on now.
The first is that my body temp is up, so that extra heat is just what they are looking for. Seriously, I am the electric blanket for these guys.
Second one is they know something is about to change and they are trying to make sure we don't forget about them.

Either way, some rules have been set. It's ok for them to lay in my lap, but NOT ok for them to lay on my belly. I don't think Meiko will do that again anyway since Little Girl gave a good whollop and I thought Meiko was gonna lose all his fur he was so freaked out.

Congrats to Mrs. T on feeling your little one move!! You'll be feeling him/her as well pretty soon.