Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Mrs T is growing.

In size, certainly. Only a couple of weeks ago people were saying she didn't look as pregnant as she is, but now there's less escaping it. She's bought one pair of smart maternity trousers which she's living in at work (and slobbing it in jogging bottoms the rest of the time) and a few nice tops that are designed to grow with her and we hope will see her to the end. Most of her usual blouses are somewhat stretched now (and she hates it when the bits between the buttons gape open, so many are relegated to the “can't wear for a few months” pile).

But there’s another thing that’s growing: her excitement about Flicker. She’s feeling him* move every day and is now, I think, beginning to find it quite reassuring. She’s still not keen if he’s too active when she's teaching, or eating, or trying to get to sleep, but I think I can understand that.
I found her looking at the latest scan picture the other day and she admitted she often stops and looks at it. She’s even chosen a colour scheme for the guest room.

On Saturday we went to a local “Baby and Toddler Fair”. I guess I was more keen on the idea than Mrs T, but we went along and pottered around for a while. It was pretty much as I expected - lots of local traders and organisations touting for business - and we chatted to some about baby signing and toddlers’ cookery classes among other things. Inevitably there was a small range of buggies and prams, so we had a good look at one and a long chat with the shop owner about the range. Although I’ve been doing a lot of reading about them, Mrs T has just let me get on with it as we're not planning to do any nursery shopping until the new year. But when we got home, she said to me, “Do you know what? I'm quite looking forward to looking at buggies now.”

When the time comes for the buggy shopping to start in earnest, I’ve found that one of the big online retailers over here has a big showroom which is actually pretty nearby, so we’re planning a trip to try them all out for size, weight, foldability, manoeuvrability, handlebar height, and of course style. It pretty much goes without saying that the ones I like so far are among the most expensive on the market. Do’h!
Can you guess which ones?

* Usual disclaimer: for “him”, read “him or her”.


Alli said...

I'm glad Mrs. T is getting excited about all of the stroller possibilities. Those looked great. Things change so much! Little is only six and I can't believe the difference in styles!

So, what color did she decide for the guest room?! Come on, Treggles! Share the fun stuff! hee hee.

(and I'm with Mrs. T about the shirt gaps - ooohhhh, I can't stand that)

delphi said...

Just so you know, now is the time to start telling her how wonderful she looks, and regularly. You need a little extra confidence when you start looking like you are shoplifting a basketball.

Also, I would recommend investing in some good-quality maternity tops and bottoms. I would say 5 outfits, minimum, that Mrs. T can mix and match. It is a little costly, yes, but the self-esteem is worth every penny, in my humble opinion.

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