Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Doctor's appointment

Mrs T was please to be able to make an appointment with her own GP when she phoned yesterday. She often has to wait a while before getting to see him, and isn’t keen on seeing anyone else if she can help it, but this time he could fit her in easily. In the end she made an appointment for next Wednesday when we return from a long weekend away celebrating our 12th anniversary.

We’d both been thinking about the fact that this pregnancy means we won’t be going ahead with IVF in January, but we won’t let the hospital know until things are a bit more established. Even if this pregnancy doesn’t stick we’ve demonstrated that we can conceive without assistance, so IVF simply doesn’t seem appropriate any more. Okay, so maybe it took us a long time to get here, but we can do it. Mrs T pointed out that it’s taken about a year both times: the first conception was about a year after our two attempts at IUI treatment, and this one is just over a year after the miscarriage.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Here we go...

4:30 am: I am barely awake when Mrs T comes back from the bathroom with, "Okay, you can get excited now".


Now she believes it.

We've now fished out all our books and leaflets from last time and started to read up on diet, nutrution (Mrs T's biggest concern, other than the understandable worries about what happened before, was "what should I be eating?") and much else.

A chart in one leaflet tells us our due date is around 27 March 2007. That seems a long time away, but I expect if things go smoothly (please!) then it'll be here in no time.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Getting used to the idea

It really is happening. Mrs T has been wary of admitting it, but it really is happening.

We’ve had a very busy weekend, with friends visiting and trips out, and she said last night that she was glad to have had something to take her mind off “what might be happening inside” her. She’s also mentioned that her lateness could easily be down to the stressful last week of term she’s just worked through. (I agreed that this could well make her late, but wouldn’t account for the positive test of last Thursday.) She didn’t seem convinced. But now we’ve got a couple of days further down the line (day 35 today) and her temperature is staying up with no sign of anything happening, she’s allowing herself to believe that it really might be true. At least, she asked me to pop into the chemist at lunchtime today and pick up another test kit. I’ll let you know tomorrow how it went.

She also asked me to tell one of our friends. Just one. Mrs T has not been going to church for some time now, her faith having taken a real bashing after all she’s been through, but she did ask me to ask this particular (from the list a while back) to “pray lots”. Said friend was suitably excited, but very good at keeping it under wraps as I told her the little there is to tell so far.

It really does feel great to be reporting things like this. At last A Nice Cup Of Tea can once again become “The Diary of an Expectant Father.”

Thursday, July 20, 2006

"Don't get excited..."

... we're Mrs T's first words to me this morning, as she came back from the bathroom with two pink lines on a test. Hey, come on now, MrsT: I've been getting excited for the last couple of days. No real reason to until this morning, as she's not technically even 'late' yet (we were expecting today to be day one of yet another cycle).


Of course it is very early, and we musn't get too excited yet. In fact, in the real world (I still consider blog-land to be outside of "the real world") we won't even be telling anyone for a while. Anyone who reads this here is privvy to a very big secret!