Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ten weeks

Ten weeks today: we are officially a quarter of the way through this pregnancy!

Our Mums are both coming over to spend a weekend with us soon and we’re planning to tell them when they’re here. But that’s not for another three and a half weeks yet. How am I going to hang on? I’m bursting to tell people!

Mrs T, being fundamentally a much more private person than I am, seems less enthusiastic about sharing the news. I asked her, “who are you looking forward to telling?”, and she struggled to come up with anyone. I’m glad of a few very close friends who I’ve been able to confide in (and you readers here, of course!) as I think I might have burst by now otherwise.

Mrs T continues to feel – in her words – shitty much of the time. And inordinately tired. But we’ve kept busy: this weekend we’ve been decorating our utility room, which we’ve recently had remodelled by a local builder. She normally does a lot (okay, most) of our decorating as she’s better at it than me, but we’ve read that she should avoid too many paint fumes so I’ve been doing all the painting myself while she’s been sorting and reorganising all the kitchen cupboards in readiness for moving stuff into the room when it’s finished.

(Hang on: did she really read that about the paint fumes, or was that just a way to make me do my fair share..?)


Catherine said...

lol...and dishwashing soap...and vacuum cleaners...and laundry soap...all bad. You should make sure she doesn't have to deal with any of those too. :o)

Kristy said...

I love reading how you are about "burst" to tell someone. That is so cute. And ditto to catherine's remarks. I think those things need to be avoided for years! :)

delphi said...

Well, I once read about a man who, since they chose not to tell right away, went to grocery stores and gas stations out of his neighbourhood and told the people working there his good news. He said that it let the pressure off of wanting to tell everyone.

I can relate to your wife's perspective on privacy. I have felt much the same way myself. You can share my sense of camaraderie with her!

Alli said...

Both (successful) pregnancies I was an organization lunatic. I reorganized the entire house - every cupboard and drawer and closet. I couldn't stop! LOL.