Friday, August 18, 2006

Cravings? Not likely

Poor Mrs T has not been feeling well at all. I’m sure if food cravings would be likely to kick in just yet, but she’s not fancying food at all really. She is eating, but has to persuade herself to do so. And the nausea is pretty much constant.

We’ve not heard anything yet about the arrangements for the ‘early’ scan, which should be happening some time next week. It was over two weeks ago that we saw the GP, and he’s supposed to have referred us to the midwifery team at the hospital and arranged the scan, but we’ve no idea if anything’s happened yet. I’m hoping she’ll phone to find out what’s happening.

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Lisa P. said...

Nausea's supposedly a very good sign that things are progressing well. From what I've read, too, eating something frequently like crackers or such is supposed to help alleviate the nausea. I think I read that cravings are not till the middle/end??

Thinking of you both. I read on bloglines BTW, but need to remember to stop in for comments more often. :)