Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Back to business

Well, now we're back from our trip, so I'm back online.

Having the time away gave us plenty of opportunities to talk about all manner of things - our hopes, our plans, our fears and so on - and I know there are a whole load more to talk about over the coming weeks (and, hopefully, months and years). One thing we discussed was telling people. Mrs T is really undecided about telling her Mum when we see her at the end of next week. On the positive side, it would give us an opportunity to explain the problems of last summer, when we didn't tell the truth about Mrs T's operation. On the negative, it would build up her hopes and, if things go wrong again this time, will mean she will always be wanting to know how it's going in the future. That's one of the biggest reasons we've never told anyone we were trying in the first place.

We've a really good friend who's an independent midwife, so we'd toyed with the idea of telling her. After all, it would seem silly to let the benefit of all her experience pass us by. I'm really pleased that Mrs T did, last night, phone and tell her. She wanted to speak to her before her appointment with her GP this morning, to run some questions by here and seek professional and personal advice. We couldn't hire her professionally, as she lives too far away and I can't imagine it would be good professional ethics anyway. (I'm also not sure we could afford her fee!) But she said to Mrs T "I'll be there! I'll block out some time in my diary and If at all possible I'll be there with you" which is simply the best news. She has, of course, been sworn to secrecy.

Mrs T's GP was good this morning. He's arranging blood tests for her thyroid function, as that will need more closely monitoring during pregnancy and, because of her history, arranging an early scan at about 8-9 weeks. He also confirmed that we don't have to have the baby at the nearest NHS hospital. Some will think it's an odd decision; we can see the hospital from our house so for convenience it's perfect. However, Mrs T simply doesn't want to use it. Thankfully there's another hospital in a town about 25 minutes away that's part of the same trust and we can opt to have it there instead.


Lorem ipsum said...

I'm sorry to interrupt - I tried to email you back but it bounced back with a delivery failure. Leave me another comment with an alternate email when you can. :-)

delphi said...

Telling people is a tricky business. It has been one of my main struggles in the past weeks - the anxiety attacks have not been pretty.

However, it is a huge help to be able to confide in those you trust with your concerns and fears. And wait until the telling becomes, well, closer to obvious for those whose reactions may not be what you are prepared for.

Just my thoughts about it all... Good luck, and lucky you to have such experience in the family!!

Jill said...

to tell or not? too soon and you may regret it, on the other hand, the longer you wait the harder it can get once you reach a certain point. such a tricky problem - good luck with it and with everything:)

Alli said...

That's a tough decision for anyone who has suffered a miscarriage, but it is so wonderful to be able to share it with a select few who understand and can offer support. Good luck with everything!