Sunday, October 29, 2006

First baby gift

Today we received our first baby gift: a special "BABY" bag containing two babygrows, some socks, and a "Baby on Board" badge for Mrs T to wear. All courtesy of one of my relations who had invited us and the rest of the family to Sunday lunch.

It was lovely to be together with family. Our hosts had invited us all specifically in celebration of our pregnancy; they said they wanted to do something for us ever since we told them the news. It does seem a bit early for baby stuff yet (we're not planning to do any baby shopping until after Christmas*) but it was very lovely of them to want to get us started! The babygrows look huge at the moment: according to Kaz Cooke's book, Flicker is only about 18cm long at the moment. (We will find out more detail about Flicker next Monday, when we have the "20 week" scan. And, no, I still don't want to find out the sex.)

We had another couple of "name" chats over the last couple of days, triggered by the fact that Mrs T read my recent post on the subject. I'm not sure she'd realised how much her suggestion had grown on me, but I was right to assume she'd pretty much put it out of her mind. Having spoken again, she's now been suggesting possible second names that could work with it, so it is certainly not out of question. It continues to appeal to me more and more, but we still have a few months before we need to make a decision so anything could happen.

(* although I do still keep looking at pushchairs online!)


poojyan said...

Woman bears the child in her womb and man in his heart.
Nice attempt.

Alli said...

That was so nice of them. How exciting! Do you have a room for the baby yet or any furniture at all?

Can't wait to hear about the latest scan!

Treggles said...


We have the room. Just not sure where our guests will sleep from now on...

But no, no furniture, no clothes, no "stuff". We've thought a bit about what we'll need but aren't going to start getting any of it until much closer to the event.

I'm sure I'll be posting a scan picture if we get a decent one!