Friday, October 27, 2006

Daunting Consultation

It was a bit daunting to enter the consulting room to be greeted by a crowd of doctors when you’re expecting just the one. The guy in charge introduced himself as a Consultant Endocrinologist, and went on to introduce two Consultant Obstetricians, Registrar, a senior Midwife and a Student Doctor. I hadn’t realised that Mrs T’s was categorised as a “High Risk” pregnancy, but because Mrs T has a wonky Thyroid she’s had extra blood tests during pregnancy, and we were called in for this appointment with the Endocrine team yesterday.

She’s lately been saying “surely this tiredness can’t all be pregnancy”. Over the last ten years she’s got used to upping her dose of Thyroxine whenever she feels extra tired, but didn’t want to do so whilst pregnant before seeing a doctor about it. So she was really pleased to be told almost straight away that the last blood test had shown very reduced levels of the hormone so she should indeed increase her dose. Lets hope that the extra Thyroxine building up in her system soon starts to have the desired affect. Mrs T seems sure it will.

One of the Obstetricians then worked his magic with a heartbeat monitor, and we got to hear Flicker pumping away like a good’n. It’s the first time we’ve heard that and it was smashing. (Especially as Mrs T hasn’t to her knowledge felt any movement yet). And for him to conclude with “That’s fantastic” was excellent.

We’re booked in for another blood test in two weeks and a follow-up appointment with the team two weeks after that (to see how the Thyroxine levels are going). If things have settled down we’ll revert to being a low-risk pregnancy and our care will be back in the hands of the midwifery team.

Go on Flicker! Keep on pumpin’!

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delphi said...

Ah ha! Upgrade to beta - that explains where you have been. I was beginning to worry that you had locked yourself in a room with your drum kit until you had met/surpassed the skills of that little YouTube showoff.

Glad to know that you heard Flicker's heartbeat - that is excellent *and* fantastic. I hope that the medications will get Mrs. T feeling more like herself. There is nothing worse that trying to carry on as normal with the weight of pure and utter exhaustion dragging you down.