Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Reactions (3)

I’ve been really enjoying these last few days, as we’ve started to let the news out and watched or heard people’s reactions. I had said to Mrs T that we’d need to be ready for people to ask whether it was planned or not, but she couldn’t imagine that people would be so presumptuous as to ask such a personal question. For once, I was right! I think she’s been really surprised at the sort of questions people have asked.

My brother (he of the “No WAY!” response) asked straight away whether we’d been ‘trying’ for long, and wasn’t satisfied with my (rehearsed) response of “sort of” and pushed for more. He specifically asked when we stopped using contraception, and I mistakenly let out “well, that was about five years ago” which surprised him. I’ve since persuaded him – I hope – that we were “open to the possibility” all that time, but just wanted to see what would happen. That is the gist of what we’re telling people, but in his case I expect he’ll try to get more details as time goes by.

Several others have asked about whether it’s “planned” or not, and our stock responses of “sort of” or “the time seems about right” seem to suffice for most. One friend I told last night said “It took you long enough!” to which I replied that we thought we ought to get to know one another first.

Award for the best questions so far go to Mrs T’s youngest brother. His first response to the news: “Are you just having the one, or are you going to have more after that?” which is perhaps getting just a touch ahead of us. (Though for the record I ought to mention that we won’t be planning to stop at one.) His next question floored us: he asked if was mine!

(He has since claimed it was a joke, and I think we can believe him.)


Rosepetal said...

Hello, delurking here. First, congratulations on this pregnancy.

I'm also with Mrs. T. - I cannot believe people would ask you if it was planned! Maybe your immediate family but not anyone else. Nosy buggers! I hope they had the decency to congratulate you first!

Treggles said...

Hi Rosepetal, and welcome.

I suppose, thinking about it, it has only been family and very close friends so far. Mrs T's head teacher did comment along the lines of "we'd wondered whether it [our lack of children] was by choice or something else".

delphi said...

I am shocked by the things that people say re: pregnancy. Questions that I would never consider asking another soul... yet I am asked by complete strangers! Ah, well, I remind myself that they mean well. But it does drive me crazy!!!

Sherry (Hallesmom) said...

Hello Mr T! I found your blog through Catherine's and was so happy when you and Mrs T got your positive :) I've really enjoyed reading everyone's reactions as you both are telling them. My daughter is 10 years old now, so it has been awhile :)

Congratulations! And I'm with you, I wouldn't put it past people to ask all sorts of personal questions. LOL

Anonymous said...

Glad the Blob (I mean cat) is out of the Blog (I mean bag). Mrs SO is delighted too. Praying that it all goes well from now on.