Saturday, September 23, 2006

Reactions (2)

My Mum's not up to driving too much at the moment and the two-hour journey to us would have been pushing it a bit, so I went across to collect her after work. On the way back we somehow got on to the subject of how babies are brought up nowadays compared to in her day, and though I was grinning inside I managed to keep quiet. It was half eight by the time we arrived home, so I didn't leave it too long before asking how she fancied being a grandmother again. I had predicted she would say "I want to cry!", and indeed that is exactly what she said! Hugs all round once more.

We were going to leave phoning brothers until the next day, but I couldn't wait any longer, so got straight on with it. First, my oldest brother. I chatted for a while, and he eventually asked, "to what do I owe this honour?" (for it's rare for me to phone just for a chat) so I told him. "No WAY!", he exclaimed. He was utterly gobsmacked. In fact he told me that just the day before he and his wife had been chatting about the family and concluded that they've "always known" that we would never have children. Nice to be able to surprise them! By chance they've been visiting my youngest brother so I was able to speak to him, too, in the same call. I think he was pretty surprised to, though less emphatically so!

Mrs T then phoned her brothers. I can't really recall what their reactions were so I'll have to post again later when I've spoken to her after the weekend (once the Mums have gone!).

Anyway, enough for now. We've had some interesting questions, but I'll leave them till later. For know, here's something I found on the wonderful YouTube (to which I have developed something of an addiction).


D said...

Really glad it all went well with the mums - and the bros!
Now, when does it become more widely known? As you know I've been bursting for ages! I think there are 7 or 8 pregnancies at church at the moment. Must be the communion wine (or non-communion wine for some I guess!).

Treggles said...

7 or 8 pregnancies!? I can only think of four, but you of course know things before me. (And indeed know more people than I do...)

Mrs T's school find out tomorrow (staff in the morning; letter to parents of her class at the end of the school day) so come Tuesday evening the news is public at last.

(My "word security code for this comment is "howrd". Blogger's suggestion for a name, perhaps?)

D said...

7 to my knowledge - I counted up this morning!
Mrs T did very well to tell BF last night - we share a lot, as you know, but I haven't breathed a word. We prayed for you this morning.

People do say some very funny - and often inappropriate - things (reactions 3). Mrs T's "people wouldn't be that persoanl" reflect what her own reaction would be, but not, sadly, the reaction of others! And it is true that you've been married quite some time. You might commiserate with another couple who are in a similar position (C&J H).

I don't have you guys as parents to a Howard. The choice of name is going to be very interesting!