Thursday, January 19, 2006

An overdue wife

Hmm, According to my calculations, today is day 34 or even 35 and still no sign of Mrs T's period. Yet she is convinced she's not pregnant. I'm hoping otherwise.

If she is, the timing is extraordinary: I think it means we must have concieved on the day her Dad died. Of course, it could be the stress of it all that's making her late. (She's rarely this late, though.)


Robert said...

I must say that in my opinion that somewhat disturbing. Your wife's dad died and you're trying to bang her? I suppose I would mourn differently and to each his own but that just strikes me as wrong.

lauralu said...

*love* with the one you love at such a vulnerable time is completely natural, as is the survival instinct. i won't embarrass you with the particulars of my life, but i find nothing wrong with it if you conceived then (and i hope you did, by the way!). ultimately, it's no one else's business, anyway. also, why does your commenter "robert" assume it was a case of you "trying to bang her"??? women want sex, too, you know. it's kind of sexist to assume you only had sex because you conned her into it!

i'll be waiting to hear the outcome!

Treggles said...

Well, Robert, I don't imagine you'll read this but that is one distorted attitude to sex you have there.

We've been married nearly twelve years and had our fair share of sex but I don't think I've ever been "trying to bang her". Making love is not something one person does to another - its something you do together.

Mrs T's Dad had died earlier in the day and I had a six and a half hour drive to be with her that night. We were both knackered by the time we got to bed but making love was spontaneous and beautiful.

Gabicus Rex said...


Robert's post just shows how little he is involved with meaningful relationships.

In times of grief and our emotional lows we always look to loved ones for consoling. It's the barhoppers that seek that comfort from strangers that give credence to the "one night stand".

Live life and enjoy.