Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Not pregnant - and relieved

Tonight Mrs T said she was relieved that she wasn't pregnant. I guess it still feels quite early after loosing the last one. And she's still recovering from the operation, too; despite being back at work and seeming in good health, she could always be stronger. Tomorrow we see our consultant. I do hope he's able to tell us something.


Gabicus Rex said...

It took my wife about 3 months to fully recover from her laproscopic surgery.

It took her 6 months to recover from her cancer surgery, but then again that was a really bad one because they took out a chunk of her body which had to regenerate.

Treggles said...

Wow. Well, when we spoke about it last night we set an aim to concentrate on getting fit and healthy over the next few months. We'll make that our goal rather than pregnancy, which we'll treat as a bonus - and a blessing - when it comes along.