Monday, June 20, 2005

First worries

Mrs T has been pretty nauseous over the first week or so since we found out, and today had to come home from work as she felt she might collapse. (In fact, a colleague drove her home and I had to walk up to the school to collect the car.) The books (we've already started to read a lot*) tell us she's likely to be feel sick for the first 13 weeks; if she carries on like this we'll have a hard job keeping it a secret.) More serious is a little bleeding today. Again, the books assure us that most women bleed a little during pregnancy - but they also say to contact the doctor straight away just in case. She didn't, but has promised to do so tomorrow if it's not stopped.

I'll post more on how we found out - and what's happened since - later, but I'm supposed to be doing the hoovering so I'd better get on.

(*Mainly "The Rough Guide to Pregnancy" by Kaz Cooke.)

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