Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"Full term..."

Having known all along that 40 weeks was when Flicker was "due", I now discover that Mrs T is considered "full term" at 37 weeks. That means Flicker could now, in theory, appear any day. Now, what was I saying about being ready?

We have done some more about getting ourselves educated. Our friend in London who's an independent midwife runs a range of classes, and last weekend we attended her "preparation for birth" sessions. Brilliant. She really knows her stuff. In one morning I felt we learned more than we had in three weeks with the NHS, and we had the whole weekend to learn more. I'm so glad she's agreed to be with us for the birth if at all possible. It's a real privilege as we couldn't afford to hire her professionally.

And now we're just back from three days away at a very fancy country house hotel with its own spa were we'd booked in for our last break as "just the two of us". (I gather such a holiday is becoming known as a "babymoon". Never heard the word myself.) It was a lovely relaxing break - which was the whole point - and we had plenty of time to discuss a few things we still needed to think about and make plans. (Regular readers: remember that name I mentioned? Looks like it's still an option!)

As things are potentially imminent, we need to pack Mrs T's hospital bag. That's the next job. In the meantime, we did our first lot of baby washing today.

It's daft the things that can bring a tear to your eye...

Tiny socks. On our radiator.


delphi said...

Yep, a tear to my eye, too.

lauralu said...

an amazing picture. did you ever think?

so excited for you - and glad you had a pre=baby getaway. you can still get away later, but it will require so much more coordination of effort!