Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Pregnant colleague

I mentioned earlier that Mrs T has a colleague who's pregnant at the moment. Mrs T was one of only a few at school who knew, but today a letter has gone out to all the parents to let them know about staff changes when she goes on maternity leave. I guess everyone will be congratulation her and wishing her well. I'd thought Mrs T was okay about M's pregnancy but she mentioned today that she was finding it really hard. Of course she won't tell M about our situation. I just hope I can be strong enough to support Mrs T when she's feeling down about the whole thing.

She surprised me a couple of week ago by letting me know that she has told one friend about the miscarriage. I'm not sure how much she told her, but she does live over three and a half thousand miles away so it didn't matter too much. The surprising thing is that she is coming to visit us in a couple of weeks time. It'll be interesting to see whether we talk about it much.


lauralu said...

wow - a man blogging about loss and subsequent attempts at pregnancy. a breath of fresh air.

i saw your comment on nervous kitty's blog and felt compelled to check out the (rare) male perspective. i'm sorry for your loss but hope the blogging has helped you.

it has certainly helped us. our first child was stillborn at full term in february, and i miscarried a couple of weeks ago. my husband and i blog together about our loss(es) and correspond with a wonderful bunch of (mostly) women with losses. i was glad to read your blog and invite you to come visit us, too.

good luck to you and mrs t!

Treggles said...

Thanks Laura,

I hadn't realised I would be such a rarity!

I've just had a read of the early parts of your blog. Heartbeaking. For us it was such early days of pregnancy that we feel we lost an embryo rather than a baby. Certainly there was no feeling of 'attachment' that I sense from reading your story. I can't imagine how we'd have coped having to go all the way to birth.

Keep up the good work.